AdViip Network

Our vast network of global, high-quality, and direct managed media partners gives us access to more than 600 sites from over 200 countries. Since we carefully choose our partners, this implies not only scalable advertising, but also reliable and effective campaign management. Through AdViip network your ad is shown in the best audience environment, positively impacting your campaign performance.

The AdViip 'Safety Net', developed in partnership with Vexigo, a semantic targeting solution, reinforces our power to protect your brand, ensuring your ad gets the scale and impact it needs within a brand safe environment.

Trading and RTB

Our direct publisher relationships are augmented by our unrivaled buying power within ad networks, exchanges, DSP's, SSP's and trading desks:

  • Real time bidding capabilities to win only desired impressions
  • Targeting, analysis and optimization tools to explore the value of each impression and ensure you pay the optimal price for it
  • Verification system that constantly monitors your ad placements, keeping them relevant and safe
  • Media buying experts with years of experience to search for the right audience for your campaigns