Quality Suite

'We achieve your goals with no compromise on quality.'

Understanding your brand safety concerns we bring you the 'AdViip Quality Suite', an in-house solution incorporating technologies and processes to ensure that your brand is protected and will appear exactly on the high-quality placements that you intend. We achieve your goals with no compromise on quality.

Quality Assured

Dasient Anti-Malvertising Solution

AdViip has teamed up with Dasient to provide an anti-malvertising security solution to keep our publisher properties and audiences safer:

  • Identifies malicious ads immediately
  • Traces them to their source and locks them down immediately
  • Prevents visitors to your website from getting infected by malware
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly scans using multiple scanning approaches

AdViip 'Safety Net'

The AdViip 'Safety Net', developed in partnership with Vexigo, a semantic targeting solution, reinforces our power to protect your brand in real time:

  • On-going detection of offensive content
  • 24/7 preventative measures for every impression served through an extra layer of brand protection, ensuring your ad is placed on pages with suitable content only
  • Live firewall protection

The Vetting Process

We realize that volume isn't everything. With a zero-tolerance policy engrained into our publisher recruitment process, only carefully vetted sites will qualify to our network. We recruit publishers of the highest level using a rigorous process that combines both manual selection and state-of-the-art technology.

Verification System

We use our technology to continually monitor your ad placements, keeping them relevant and safe throughout the before, after, and during of each campaign. By verifying the location of your ads, we are able to keep them targeted to relevant publishers so you can be confident that each impression served is in-line with your marketing strategy.


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